The rattery moves to Skåne

IMPORTANT NEWS: me and all the rats will be moving to Emmaljunga in Skåne in the end of June. The reason is that I want to live closer to friends and family (I grew up in Båstad), and also that we long for a change from the ”city life” to a life closer to nature, living in an own house.

The main change is that I will not have the same flexibility to visit all of you rat owners in the Gothenburg area. However, with today’s smartphones I’ve found that I can help with most things through photos and videos as well.

Each time that there are litters born, I will plan for a delivery day to Gothenburg (which also means driving through Halland). You will have the same opportunity to buy rats, however it will be a bit longer if you wish to visit me and the rats – but you are very welcome if you are in the area! I’ve tried using video calls on Messenger for picking babies – it’s not the same but it’s an option to photos and phone calls.

Another change is, that for rat owners in the Gothenburg area it will not be as easy to leave your rats when going on vacation, and I apologize for that change, especially for those who had planned it for the summer – please get in touch with me as soon as possible to see if we can find a good solution for you. The rat owners in Skåne will of course be happy about being able to use this service with more ease.

Me and the rats (and our dog Noel who will have a big garden) are very excited about this change! It means coming closer not only to ”non-rat friends” in Skåne but also to many of my really good ”rat friends” and also to many rat-related activities, when the pandemic is over. As soon as it’s possible to travel to Finland again, I will also resume my trips to Finnish rat shows. That means driving through Jönköping – Linköping – Stockholm and being able to visit rat owners in those areas as well as delivering rats.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about this. And look forward to a visit at our new rat mansion later this year!